Estimated crowd of 60,000 people take part in Women's March Minnesota

The first full day of the Trump Administration is marked by massive protests. Demonstrators are held women's marches in cities across the country including St. Paul where tens of thousands gathered Saturday.

In the shadow of the state capitol, there was a sea of people.

"I think it's so powerful it just about brings tears to my eyes," one marcher said.

Tens of thousands of men, women and children marched to the steps of power. At their sides signs, symbols and a will to protest. Beneath the marble facade, a message of defiance.

"Sometimes you feel real alone and things like this remind you that you are not alone," another demonstrator said.

Across the country, thousands turned out for the Women’s March. In St. Paul, organizers hoped for 20 thousand, but got thousands more.

"I'm happy it is such a diverse crowd here who are speaking to such diverse issues. I'm blessed to be here," an attendee said.

The protest and march remained peaceful according to St. Paul police. Despite clogged roads and sidewalks, a remarkable patience. Minnesotans respected not just the peaceful transfer of power, but also the right to protest.

There was one arrest, but it was not a marcher. St. Paul Police say someone showed up and sprayed something like pepper spray on some of the marchers. That person was arrested. Besides that, there were no issues with the event.