Establishments near Target Field see surge during Twins' homestand

For waitress Hannah Harding, a Twins game shift at the Loon Café is music to her ears and cash in her purse.

“Everyone is out downtown,” said Harding. “And with the Twins winning, it’s exciting and we’re making a lot of money. It’s worth it.”

As Miguel Sano and the Twins continue to bash home runs and pile up the victories, the crowds have returned en masse to the bars and restaurants around Target Field.

The crowds are so heavy that the team’s current 10-game home stand is seemingly wearing out workers and leaving hiring managers desperate to fill positions with the playoff race heating up.

“Financially, they’re being taken care of and I told them, have that rainy day or snowy day fund for January or February when we don’t have that. You just want to go with it while you can,” said Kaye Stein, of the Loon Café.

“The weather is perfect and all the things are lining up and we need servers,” said Dermot Cowley, of O’Donovan’s Irish Pub. “We need bartenders and we need kitchen help.”

Cowley owns O’Donovan’s Pub near the stadium and he took to social media this week looking to hire immediately, even joking that he had an apron for FOX 9’s Paul Blume in the kitchen.

“You and I could be cooking,” he said. “Flipping burgers and fish and chips.”

With the second place Cleveland Indians in town for a critical four-game series through the weekend, Cowley only expects the crowds to grow as fans gobble up all the remaining tickets.

“Actually, we were gonna wait until game time and he just said, maybe we should go see about getting tickets,” said Lynne Geib, an Indians fan. “So, we didn’t want to wait in line and we didn’t want them to sell out since we came all the way from Cleveland.”