Eerie audio: Pilots report UFO above Arizona

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The pilots of two commercial planes flying over the Arizona desert reported seeing a UFO overhead in February, according to communications released by the Federal Aviation Administration.

The sightings occurred within minutes of each other on the afternoon of February 24.

A Learjet pilot was the first to ask if anybody was flying above the plane. Someone jokingly responded that it could be a unidentified flying object. Air traffic control told the crew of another plane flying a similar path to keep on the lookout, and a few minutes later, the American Airlines pilot radios back that something did pass over his aircraft.

>>VIDEO: FAA broadcast of pilots seemingly spotting a UFO while flying above Arizona

The controller later asks if it was in motion or just hovering, but the pilot couldn't make out what it was, guessing it could be a weather balloon, citing its "big reflection."

A spokesman for the FAA was unable to confirm if there was another aircraft in the area.

Arizona has had more than 4,500 reported UFO sightings dating back to 2001, and this encounter happened not too far off from Roswell, New Mexico -- a town synonymous with extraterrestrial activity after reports of a flying object crash-landed in 1947.