Early voting begins Friday, catching on for Minnesotans

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Early voting began Friday for Minnesota’s primary election on Aug. 14. 

The polls opened Friday morning to cast a ballot in the primary. This is the third election year since Minnesota passed “no excuses” early voting because it is more flexible for voters. 

Minnesota Secretary of State Steve Simon says the process is catching on. Nearly one in four Minnesota voters cast their ballot early in the 2016 election.

One of the first people hitting the polls on Friday was Congressman Keith Ellison, who is now running for Attorney General. 

“I voted early today because on Aug. 14 I don’t know where I’m going to be. I could easily be in Hibbing, I could be in Detroit Lakes, I could be in Mankato and I want to make sure I got my vote in already,” Ellison said. 

First-time early voter Sara Engemann said she wanted to cast her ballot ahead of time because she will be leaving to study abroad before the primary is held. 

“It’s just so convenient for me not have to find out how to get an absentee and then mail it in and figure out where to put it and where I’m supposed to get it mailed to,” she said. “There’s like a sense of community here. Everyone is doing their duty as a citizen and you get a fun sticker.” 

One of the biggest choices for primary voters will be narrowing down the list of candidates for governor. Nationally, every Minnesota seat in the House and the Senate will be up for grabs. 

You can even vote early by mail. Visit mnvotes.org to order your ballot.