DVS offers limited services in July

Don’t procrastinate and plan ahead if you need to renew your tabs, license, or plates in July.

Limited services will be offered for about a week and some offices across the state will have different hours.

It’s all so the DVS can update its 30-year-old computer system.

Licensed drivers and vehicle owners understand the privilege of driving comes with a trip to the DVS, at least once a year.

"Coming into the DMV is a process,” Lashunda Roberts said as she waited in line at the DVS Center in St. Paul.  “You have to get a number. You have to sit down and you have to wait. It takes time. It takes 30 minutes to an hour."        

We’ve accepted long lines and wait times, and with good reason.
In 2016, the DVS issued 1.8 million driver’s license and ID cards and 1.4M titles.

Once installed, the new computer system will make it easier for staff to process paperwork and vehicle records will be updated in real time.

"Don't be surprised if it takes a little bit longer at the counter to input the information,” Bruce Gordon, Director of Communications for the MN Department of Safety said.

“The real benefit here is having that record updated in real time. Instead of having to go back and provide additional information weeks down the road, you'll know that everything is ready to go as you leave that counter,” he said.

All office locations will offer limited services, as well.

Operations between July 20-24:

  • Tab renewal, plate replacement and title replacement will not be available in office locations.
  • Driver's license, permit or ID card renewal and application services will be available online and in office locations.
  • July 22: Vehicle registration & driver's license services will be unavailable. Most DVS and deputy registrar offices will be closed.

After July 24:

  • The new system will require many adjustments, and customers should allow extra time for an office visit.
  • All documentation required to complete transactions will remain the same.

Note: Some offices may have different hours, or may be closed completely from July 17-24. The DVS recommends customers call or look online to see if the location closest to them is operational.