Dogs euthanized after deadly Brooklyn Center attack that left man dead

Police say the four dogs involved in the deadly attack of a man in Brooklyn Center have been put down after a review.

Officers responded shortly after noon on April 13 for the attack along Halifax Avenue North south of Bass Lake Road. At the scene, they found the four dogs attacking 22-year-old Dezmond Trawick in the backyard of a home.

Using less-lethal ammo, officers were able to strike one of the dogs and get all four to return to the home.

Trawick suffered bites all over his both and his clothes had been ripped off in the vicious attack. Officers said he was intubated on-site and rushed to the hospital where he underwent surgery but later died from his injuries.

Family members say Trawick was taking care of his brother's dogs when they attacked him. A neighbor said it appeared Trawick was playing with the dogs when they started jumping on him.

The dogs, identified by police as American Pit Bull Terriers, were placed into quarantine following the attack and underwent an evaluation. That ultimately ended with the dogs being euthanized on Tuesday, police said.