Dog leads elderly Dallas man home after attack

An elderly Dallas man is home recovering after being violently attacked. But things could have been much worse for him if it weren’t for his four-legged companion.

James Barfield was walking with his dog Franky Friday morning near Samuell High School. That’s when he said two men approached him.

The men kicked him and stole his watch, keys and the contents of his wallet. Then they ran away, leaving him unconscious.

The 79-year-old said Franky nudged him until he woke up. The 3-year-old Scottish terrier then led him home.

“He was probably traumatized but if they attacked me I know he tried to defend,” Barfield said.

A veterinarian said Franky has bruised tissue, likely from being kicked. Barfield also has his share of bruises and some broken facial bones.

“If they would have killed my daddy it would have been for $20,” said Gail Allonby, Barfield’s daughter. “We could have been planning a funeral.”

With the suspects still out there, the family hopes sharing the story means others won’t share a similar path. They’ve urged others to be aware of their surroundings, especially on morning walks.

“I figure it’s somebody needing money to buy another shot of dope and they didn’t care how they got it,” Barfield said.

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