'Diaper Dad' maps baby-friendly bathrooms

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If you remember the movie "Three Men And A Baby" from the 1980's, you know the stars -- Tom Selleck, Ted Danson and Steve Guttenberg -- portrayed men who bumbled their way through diapering a baby. Now some modern dads say they've had enough. 

"I hate to use the words 'gender stereotype,' but that's kind of what we're up against," explained Scotty Schrier, a-stay-at-home dad, blogger, and author who lives in Riverview. 

Known as the Diaper Dad, his search for equality began when his oldest son, Xander, was in diapers and needed changing at a restaurant. 

"I went to the bathroom and there was no changing station. So, I come back out, hand the baby to my wife and say, 'Sorry, he's yours."

Schrier took up the cause of informing dads about which restaurants and other public places have changing stations in the men's room.  He created the website DadsWhoChangeDiapers.com. It has a nationwide map that shows where men's changing stations are and it allows other dads -- and moms -- to enter locations that are man-and-baby friendly.

Schrier says there are many other everyday gender stereotypes that he sometimes discusses with his wife.

"When it comes to taking out the trash, she was like, 'I always assumed that was a guy's job,' and I said, 'Ah, see.'" 

He says the lines between mom's and dad's duties are disappearing. He says good parents can be of either gender -- though who takes out the garbage may be fodder for a future story.