Developers roll out some details for MN United Stadium site

The new Minnesota United stadium project would take up about 12 St. Paul city blocks and would cut through the Snelling Midway Shopping Center.  

“We're putting a soccer stadium in a place that we think is great for the state, for the community and for the Twin Cities” said Bill McGuire the owner of Minnesota United FC.  

McGuire hopes the stadium, and surrounding development, would act as a community anchor to St. Paul’s Snelling-Midway neighborhood.

“This developer has seen this as a great opportunity to help spur development,” McGuire said

RK Midway, the developer, drafted the 35-acre master site to include a few elements for added draw.

“Office space, residential, retail, hotel or hospitality, entertainment and open space,” informed McGuire before the Snelling-Midway Community Advisory Committee Thursday.

While a layout of the site has been released, photos of what the stadium would look like, though, won't be shared until later this month.

While the soccer stadium isn't the only of the plan, not everyone who calls this area home is excited about a new place to play.

Some long-time St. Paul dwellers are not fond of the idea.

“This Midway is a part of my bloodline,” said neighborhood resident Kurt Walker.

“This is where I do my business. In my community this is what's left."

While Walker, and other residents, worry about their local shopping center, others are not opposed to the promises of a new stadium.

“As long as they don't make taxpayers pay for it,” said new St. Paul resident Aron Young.

For now city representatives and McGuire present this as a privately funded endeavor.

“…there is no ask from the city of St. Paul around the infrastructure of the site,” said Jonathan Sage Martinson the director City of St. Paul Department Planning & Economic Development.

The final projected costs are unknown, but McGuire estimates it will be north of $120 million.

Once the Snelling-Midway Community Advisory Committee completes its review of the plan, the city planning commission will take a look at the proposed development draft in April.

From there St. Paul City Council could decide to give soccer stadium development plan the green light as early as August.