Del Monte Fresh Produce sued for veggie trays linked to Cyclospora infections

A lawsuit is now filed against the company believed to be responsible for the vegetable trays that have made more than two dozen people sick across Minnesota and Wisconsin.

The health departments in Minnesota and Wisconsin believe people are getting sick from eating Del Monte Fresh vegetable trays, which were sold at Kwik Trip gas stations. So far, officials say 23 people in Wisconsin and three in Minnesota are confirmed to have gotten sick from Cyclospora linked to the veggie trays. Cyclospora is a parasite commonly found in developing countries, most commonly effecting U.S. citizens who have traveled. However, health officials say illnesses occurred as a result of contaminated fresh produce entering the U.S. food market from endemic countries.

Finally feeling healthy again, Mike Seaton of Prior Lake, Minn. wants to warn others to get checked if they aren't feeling well. Seaton's symptoms started June 1 with fatigue followed by severe stomach cramps.

“I was doubled over in pain it was so bad,” said Seaton. “It was like, 'Put me out of my misery please.'”

Seaton ate two of the veggie trays on two separate days in late May, both purchased at a Kwik Trip in Burnsville, Minn.  

“I don’t hold anything against Kwik Trip, I think they are a great company," said Seaton. "It just appears it was Del Monte’s packaging that was the culprit."

A lawsuit filed Wednesday by a woman in St. Charles, Minn. claims she was deathly ill for more than a week, incurring medical expenses and lost wages. 

Meanwhile, Seaton is better thanks to the strong antibiotics he was prescribed, but still feeling uneasy about the outbreak. 

“First thing I would say if you have been feeling sluggish, and have the symptoms call the state health department,” said Seaton. “Virus or bacteria is one thing, but when you hear you have a parasite - that’s spooky.”

Fox 9 reached out to Del Monte repeatedly for comment, but the company has yet to respond. The Minnesota Department of Health has not been notified of any other distribution locations other than Kwik Trip, but adds that investigation is ongoing nationally as well.