Dayton's transportation plan highlighted by I-94 rebuild

The roads and bridges improvement plan Gov. Mark Dayton unveiled today involves about 600 construction projects around the state -- 170 of them in the metro.

The biggest metro project would start planning and engineering to rebuild Interstate 94 between Minneapolis and St. Paul, including the installation of MnPASS lanes.

Dayton says he believes the state can no longer afford to wait.

"The consequences of failing to step forward and do what we have to do are going to be severe, they're going to be felt year by year by Minnesotans, and they're going to be especially damaging to our children and grandchildren," the governor said. "[They] are going to inherit the infrastructure we don't build now."

The governor's plan also calls for adding MnPASS lanes to I-494 from MSP Airport west to Highway 62.

Dayton said all of those projects will be in jeopardy if the legislature doesn't pass his budget.