Curling fundraiser helps those battling Lupus

The Four Seasons Curling Club filled this weekend with everyone from club competitors to Olympic gold medallists to raise money for lupus research. 24 teams, 8 Olympians who battle the auto immune disease joined The 2nd Annual Lupus Spiel USA fundraiser.

One of them was Regan Birr, who has made it her mission to share her love and physical benefits of curling with others. "I love to see the passion and people see it on TV and come and try it. It's just nice to see that passion for the game." Regan Birr was born in Canada with a love for curling, when she was 21-years-old she found out she had lupus. "When I was diagnosed with Lupus I wasn't able to do anything. I had a lot of pain, a lot of fatigue." It wasn't until years later Regan was drawn back to curling.

"What I didn't realize is that muscle tissue can actually degrade when you have lupus, so you have to keep active, help those muscle, even if you are just walking, shifting your weight back and forth. That's why curling is so beneficial because it gets your body moving and every little bit counts."

"I hope this is an event that is going to keep going forever. Until we find a cure. Curling for lupus who would have thunk."

For more information on the fundraiser visit: Lupus ‘Spiel USA 2015