Curbside dog kennels in Brooklyn

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Chelsea Brownridge does not like to leave her dog Winston tied up when she has to run inside a store. She created an alternative called the dog parker.

You sign up for a membership. The member card unlocks the dog house. Members get charged 20 cents a minute to park their pups in the temperature-controlled dog houses, and soon will be able to reserve them in advance through an app. They're cleaned every other day.

Right now, parkers are in test mode outside of two Fort Greene businesses, including Baguetteaboutit on Vanderbilt and DeKalb.

Brownridge admits it's not for every dog, but she is betting there are quite a few Brooklyn dog owners who are willing to give it a try.

The plan is to have 100 dog parkers across Brooklyn by next spring, but ultimately Chelsea wants to bring them throughout New York City and to other cities across the country.