Crystal PD warns teens not to take part in mass gathering over July 4 weekend

The Crystal, Minn. Police Department is saying they won't allow another mass gathering of young people at a city park after recent "pop-up" events brought hundreds of teens, leading to chaos.

In a message on Wednesday, the police department warned teens not to take part in the event, which is known as a "takeover".

According to police, over the last month, there have been two large gatherings of teens, including last Sunday when a takeover brought in about 300 people to Becker Park. Officers say most of the people who took part in that event were minors, many of whom used ride-share apps, like Uber and Lyft, to get to the park.

"This group of unsupervised juveniles quickly became disorderly and dangerous to each other and the families at the park," police say. "Numerous fights broke out, juveniles were dangerously using Orbeez guns and fireworks (both of which are illegal in the park by City Ordinance) and officers observed some with taser-type devices."

When officers cleared the kids out of the park, police say many went to nearby businesses, causing further disruptions that required police intervention.

Crystal police have since learned there is another planned gathering set for the Fourth of July weekend. The police department says they have plans to thwart the gathering.

"The Department will not allow another incident of this type to occur and will be proactively stopping any of these types of gatherings at the park prior to them starting," police write. "Large groups of juveniles arriving at the park by ride-share will be turned away prior to exiting their vehicles, officers will take enforcement action up to and including arrest for all illegal activities, and those exhibiting disorderly behavior will be trespassed from the park."