Crash that killed Lakeville students a direct result of Nerf Wars

The Dakota County sheriff said Friday that the Dec. 4 crash that killed two Lakeville South High School students was a direct result of a “Nerf Wars” game that began at school. Only 1 of the 4 students involved in the crash was wearing a seat belt, but contrary to rumors, none of the passengers were riding in the bed of pickup.

Jake Flynn, 17, and Johnny Price, 18, died in the rollover crash near the intersection of 205th St and Dodd Road in Eureka Township, Minn. The driver of the pickup truck, 17-year-old Alexander Hughes, remains in critical condition. Another passenger, 18-year-old Mason Kohlbeck, has been treated and released.

What are Nerf Wars?

Nerf Wars, also known as “Assassins,” is basically a glorified version of tag, in which players use toy guns and foam darts to "assassinate" other players.


Students at Lakeville South and Lakeville North have come together in a network of support since the crash, and #LakevilleStrong has been placed on all school buses in the district.

"We may have two high schools, but we are one Lakeville,” the school district said in a statement after the crash. “We will be providing support and counselors for students and staff as long as needed."

Investigators pledged to delay the release of any additional details until after the funerals for Flynn and Price, which were held this week.