Couple continues fight over solar field on property in Waverly, Minn.

A couple in Waverly, Minnesota is fighting the city as a solar field on the edge of their property reportedly causes problems and extra costs they are forced to deal with.

A solar field in Waverly, Minnesota is pitting one couple against city officials as they claim the energy project is destroying their property. 

Right outside Mike and Carol Wren’s front door, on Highway 12, a sign marks the entrance to Waverly, a town they’ve been fighting for over three years.

“We’re angry, sick of it, frustrated…don’t know what to do anymore,” Mike said.

At issue is the 40-acre solar garden that backs right up to their yard. The couple says the basin has no outlet, so when it rains, it floods.

Video shoes huge streams of runoff that they fear is eroding their property.  

“They’re supposed to have a buffer, and they should have an outlet for their drainage system…and they don’t have either one,” Mike said.

The Wrens say that they spent about $10,000 this summer to lay this gravel on their driveway, but they say that the constant overflow of water is destroying the road.

“This is wrong, this is absolutely wrong,” Carol said.

The solar garden is independently owned. However, the Wrens are taking direct aim at the town for not enforcing its zoning ordinances.

“They didn’t follow through on their job here. They should have been watching this job, and they should have been out here telling them what they need,” Mike said.

“I can’t write one more email, take one more picture. I just can’t do it. I just want it to be done; I can’t do another year of this,” Carol said.

Since the Wrens have threatened legal action, the city says it isn’t commenting on the issue. Mike and Carol will join a group of residents Tuesday to air their concerns with the Waverly City Council.