Couple arrested for being disruptive on Delta flight from MSP to LAX

A couple was arrested at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport after being disruptive on a Delta flight from MSP to Los Angeles, California on Wednesday.

The flight was diverted back to MSP after the couple started fighting with the flight crew midair. Police officers took the two off the flight and detained them.

According airport spokesperson Pat Hogan, the couple was being disruptive and not obeying their orders.

Blake Fleisig, 35, of Los Angeles and Anna Koosmann, 36, of Edina, were ticketed for disorderly conduct after the incident on Wednesday.

Koosmann was also ticketed for obstructing police.

Delta statement

The flight crew of Delta 2565 from Minneapolis-St. Paul to Los Angeles elected to return to Minneapolis shortly after takeoff when two passengers refused to follow crew instructions, became aggressive and created a disruption in the cabin. The passengers were removed by local law enforcement. The flight redeparted without further incident. The safety of Delta customers and employees is our top priority.

All further questions should be directed to local law enforcement.

(Video courtesy of Patrick Whalen)