Concern over increased residential traffic due to 94, 35W construction

With construction on portions of 35W and 94 in full swing, heavy traffic is now spilling into neighborhoods south of downtown Minneapolis.

“A lot more people going lot faster,” said Carol Kratzer, a resident.

Residents say that at the height of rush hour, Park and Portland Avenues -- both one-way streets leading drivers in and out of downtown -- are jam packed.

“Getting home is the worst,” said Kratzer.

“It’s been a total increase in traffic, I mean, all times of day,” said Shirley Green, a resident.

As more commuters navigate residential streets for detours, for many families living in the neighborhood near the intersection 42nd and Park Avenue safety is a top concern.

“I don’t really feel safe crossing the street, I have to back out of my garage, all I can say is it’s really busy,” said Green.

“There’s a lot more cars and they’re coming through faster,” said Perrier. “Park Ave is 35 miles an hour, seems to be 45 miles an hour nowadays.”

In some neighborhoods, signs have popped up reminding drivers to slow down. Councilwoman Andrea Jenkins, who represents the 8th Ward has taken notice.

“We want to make sure that people get the message that you’re going to have to respect these communities and neighborhoods,” said Councilwoman Jenkins.

She plans to hold a community forum on Wednesday from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at MLK Park.

“We want to talk to people, get an idea of what people have seen in their neighborhoods and really get specific locations of where challenges are, so that we can begin to address,” said Councilwoman Jenkins.

In communities where bicyclists and pedestrians often share the road with those behind the wheel, many say they feel the meeting is a move in the right direction.

“I definitely want people to slow down and remember that this is a residential neighborhood,” said Kratzer.