Community concerned over plan to hire 15 new Minneapolis police officer

Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges wants to hire 15 more police officers for the city, but the proposal is causing some concern in the community.

Some are worried about an increase in public safety funding, while others says it is not the right move, given the feelings some have toward law enforcement.

If the plan goes ahead, three of the 15 officers would be trained to focus on mental health and youth related violence, while the other 12 would be focused on “community policing.”

Many in Minneapolis believe the money could be better spent elsewhere. During a public comments section at Wednesday night’s city council meeting, opponents of the proposal made sure council members heard their concerns.

"Our system of policing and our justice system does not hold police accountable for their actions for this I urge you not to spend any of your money hiring new officers or community service officers,” one concerned resident said.

Public safety makes up only one part of a proposed $1.3 billion city budget. The budget is expected to be approved late Wednesday.