Classmates, teachers remember Closs kidnapping suspect as 'quiet'

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In the town of Gordon, Wisconsin, investigators continue to comb through evidence in the home of Jake Patterson Saturday - the same home from which Jayme Closs escaped roughly two days ago.

In Gordon and the neighboring town of Minong, people knew of the suspect in the Closs murder and kidnapping case. They also knew his family.

As FOX 9 learned Saturday, however, nobody knew them well.

Authorities blocked off the street that leads to the cabin from which Closs escaped Thursday and law enforcement has been going in and out all day.

The houses and cabins are very spread out in the area that is about 10 minutes from downtown Gordon.

A woman that owns a bar near the area spoke with FOX 9 Saturday. She said she never really saw Jake Patterson or his family.

People in both Minong and Gordon say they really didn’t see the Pattersons much, either.

In a yearbook from Patterson’s senior year, he said his post-school plans were to join the Marine Corps and his senior quote was, “Finally done with school.”

Of the people FOX 9 spoke with Saturday, one word was consistent.

“He was just really quiet whenever I’d see him in the hallways and stuff,” said Hannah Kroeze, who went to the same school as Patterson. “I didn’t think he could ever do anything like this. It just seemed so unreal that he did that.”

FOX 9 also spoke with a teacher’s aid who said she never really saw Patterson apply himself to school, but he consistently aced his tests.

As investigators continue searching for clues in Gordon, the family continues to ask the question of why this all happened.

The public will learn more Monday when Patterson makes his first appearance in court.