Citing safety concerns amid pandemic, Surly Brewing Company staff members form union

Surly Beer Hall staff members formed a union Monday, citing safety concerns amid the pandemic.

The group wrote in a release that before reopening in June, "we voiced concerns about our safety regarding the new counter-service model. Despite our efforts, changes were only made after Mayor Frey announced an emergency regulation forbidding guests from ordering at bar areas. Additionally, we were misled regarding the distribution of a new service charge, as well as the availability of benefits to returning employees."

"In a time of uncertainty, our demands include open conversations and mutual transparency. As dedicated employees, we deserve a say in changes that affect our compensation, health insurance, and employment. Unite Surly Workers is inviting leadership to recognize our unionization effort in order to create a more equitable and collaborative workplace."

A Surly Brewing Company spokesperson responded to FOX 9 in an email, writing, "Today, some of Surly’s hospitality employees notified management of their intent to unionize. We’re working on determining next steps."