Chunk of metal is found baked into a cracker

It was an impulse discount store purchase that one Richfield, Minn. woman believes could have caused major health issues. She spotted a chunk of metal baked right into a cracker she was serving at a daycare birthday party.

Inside Koreena Eckert's licensed home daycare, food safety and nutrition are top priorities.

"I run a really great program," she said. "I only serve organic dirty dozen and dairy. I shop at Trader Joe's and buy Costco organics."

On Friday, the menu included fruit. But it's the crackers Eckert almost fed the children this week that is giving her nightmares.

"It's huge, it's hard not to miss," she said.

If you take a close look you'll see what appears to be a chunk of metal wiring or maybe a nail baked into the Ritz-like cracker.

"It's definitely like a piece of wire that you would buy at a hardware store," Eckert said. "It's quite horrific really."

Nostalgia Tostas is the brand, and it's a product of Mexico. Eckert said it was an impulse buy while she was shopping for birthday party favors at the Dollar Tree store in Bloomington.

Thankfully she spotted the metal danger as she was counting out crackers for the kids.

Koreena contacted Dollar Tree's corporate office as well as the FDA. She isn't looking to sue anybody, but as a concerned mom and daycare provider she wants to warn others while getting the Nostalgia brand pulled off store shelves until there is a guarantee that the crackers are safe.

"If there is one piece in there, who knows what else is in there?" she said.

Dollar Tree statement

"The safety of our customers is paramount and we work constantly to ensure our suppliers' products are safe. We are currently in the process of investigating this incident."