Chuck E. Cheese's to have 'Sensory Sensitive Sundays'

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Chuck E. Cheese's is going beyond the fun and the pizza, helping families of children with autism and sensory sensitivities. 

The chain is having "Sensory Sensitive Sundays" at locations across the country. It starts this weekend and will continue every month on the first Sunday.

Chuck E. Cheese locations will open two hours early to offer customers a sensory-friendly environment. 

There will be less crowding and noise, dimmed lighting, and the show and music will be turned off or down, with fewer appearances by Chuck E. Cheese himself. 

There will be "trained and caring staff," Chuck E. Cheese says, and food and games will be offered as well.

The Brandon, Clearwater, and St. Pete locations will take part in "Sensory Sensitive Sundays." 

For more information on locations and hours, head to the Chuck E. Cheese website: