Chisago Deputy: Cars didn't move over, woman in ambulance died

The Chisago County Sheriff’s office is reminding Minnesota drivers that it is the state law to pull over and stop to let emergency vehicles pass them on the road. The law requires drivers to pull over onto the right shoulder of the road and stop when an emergency vehicle is approaching and remain stopped until the vehicle passes.

Deputy James Mott said in a Facebook post the ambulance he was driving on Sunday night was delayed in getting the victim to the hospital because the vehicles they passed on the way did not pull over correctly or move over at all.

Mott said he nearly missed the exit off of Interstate 35 because one vehicle pulled over onto the right shoulder but continued to drive, creating a moving roadblock. Several other drivers he encountered also continued driving in the left lane, rather than moving over for the ambulance, adding time to his drive. 

The victim later died and Mott said it is possible she could have survived if the ambulance had not been delayed on the way to the hospital.