Charges: Shakopee HS student raped girl in boys' locker room

A Shakopee High School student has been charged with allegedly raping another student inside the school.

On Tuesday, a 17-year-old student reported to the Shakopee school resource officer that she had just been raped by Angel Torres, Jr., 18. The victim said Torres asked her to leave class to get a drink of water with him at the water fountain. She told the officer she used to be friends with Torres, so she followed him from the classroom to the water fountain.

The victim said Torres grabbed her wrist and took her into a stall in the boys’ locker room, where he raped her. During the ordeal, she said she kept telling him “no” and trying to pull her pants up, but Torres was too strong and kept yanking them back down.

The rape reportedly lasted 15 to 20 minutes, according to the victim. She reported the rape immediately after leaving the locker room.

The victim then went directly from the school to a nearby hospital, where a medical examination revealed physical injuries consistent with the reported rape.

Security videos from the school showed Torres entering the boys’ locker room with the victim and the victim leaving 20 minutes later.

Torres declined to provide a statement to police. He was placed under arrest and remains in custody in the Scott County Jail.

Torres is charged with one count of criminal sexual conduct. His bail is set at $200,000. If he is able to post bail, the judge has ordered him to have no contact with any and all women and to stay away from Shakopee High School.