Charges: Man left notes threatening arson at homes with 'Black Lives Matter' signs following civil unrest

A 49-year-old Roseville, Minnesota man has been charged after he allegedly left threatening notes at four homes that had "Black Lives Matter" or "All Are Welcome Here" signs following the civil unrest after George Floyd's death, according to the complaint. 

Kevin Jay Karjalahti is charged with three felony counts of threats of violence.

According to the charges, the notes were left at homes between May 30 and June 1. Three of the notes were left at homes in Roseville and one was left at a St. Paul home. Nearly all of the notes contained a threat to burn down their homes if they did not take down their signs.

“Your neighbors have grown sick of your f------ riots and bullshit matters signs," read a note left on the front door of a St. Paul home, according to the complaint. "Remove them or we torch your house and cars real quiet with lighter fluid while you seep. We have had enough!”

The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension matched fingerprints left on the notes to Karjalahti, the charges state. Results are still pending for notes found at two of the homes. Investigators believe all of the notes appear to be written by the same person based on the penmanship, grammar and misspellings.

When investigators confronted Karjalahti about the fingerprints, he responded, "No, not mine." While Karjalahti denied knowing anything about the notes, his wife told police he had written the notes and left them at the homes. She told police he was "frustrated after the city was destroyed during the civil unrest."

Investigators determined Karjalahti lives close to all of the people who received the notes. The residents told detectives they do not know Karjalahti.