Charges: Argument led 75-year-old tenant to try and stab landlord

A woman has been arrested after attempting to stab her landlord.

According to an Anoka County criminal complaint, on June 3, 2015, Coon Rapids police went to the apartment complex located at 3101 111th Avenue NW in Coon Rapids, Minnesota. When police arrived, they met with the victim, the manager of the complex.

The manager explained to police that she was in the office when a female tenant, identified as Janice Weiler, came into the office to speak with her.

The manager said during the conversation Weiler accused her of stealing money from her account and threatened to stab her. Following that conversation, Weiler brandished a 12 to 13 inch, silver thin bladed knife, raised it above her head attempted to stab the complex manager.

The manager defended herself with a three ring binder, while also kicking and screaming at Weiler to get away from her. She was never stabbed with the knife, but said she did fear for her life and thought she was going to be stabbed.

Officers found Weiler in her apartment and the first thing she told them was "she's taking money out of my account." When asked about the altercation downstairs in the office, Weiler replied "I was just pissed off and felt like stabbing her."

According to police documents, there have been several issues with Weiler at the apartment complex. Most recent incidents occurred in February and April of this year.

In one incident, Weiler threatened to burn down the apartment complex. In another, Weiler threatened to shoot the complex manager. Law enforcement officials were contacted in regards to the previous incident and found a gun in the Weiler's apartment that was registered as stolen out of New York in 1974.