Cats and coffee mix at Cafe Meow in Minneapolis

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Cat lovers rejoice! The cat café trend has finally made its way to Minneapolis, offering cat lovers a meow-nificent way to enjoy a purr-fect “cat-uccino,” more commonly known as a cappuccino. 

The Café Meow, Minnesota’s first cat café, opened its doors in Uptown on Friday. The café is home to rescue cats that are up for adoption. 

For those who aren’t fond of sipping on a coffee or tea or having lunch with their new feline friends—fear not. Due to Minnesota codes and regulations, Café Meow is divided into two separate spaces--the café and the cat lounge. 

The cat café concept is originally from Taiwan, but gained popularity in Japan in the early 2000s. The cafes often appeal to cat lovers, especially those who cannot have a cat of their own. 

If you want to snuggle with the cats at Café Meow be sure to reserve a spot online (right meow). It costs $10 to spend an hour with the furry felines. 

The café partnered with local rescue shelters, giving people an opportunity to interact with the cats and help find their forever homes.