Cat cafe featuring adoptable felines opens in New Hope

The Café Meow opened its second location on Thursday, where coffee and cuddles are on the menu. 

This New Hope cafe joins Minneapolis as the two Café Meow locations in the Twin Cities, though the New Hope spot is twice as big. The larger space allows for more cats — 24 felines have moved in but there's space for 30 — and more space on the coffee shop side of the establishment. 

Anyone can come into the coffee shop, which is separate from the cat area. And then visitors can sign up on the cafe's website to cuddle with kittens in the cat lounge. It's $10.50 on weekdays and $15 on weekends for a one-hour session in the cat lounge. There's also "happy meower" Tuesdays-Thursdays, where it's $3.50 per 15 minutes.  

The café partnered with local rescue shelters, giving people an opportunity to interact with the cats and help find their forever homes.