Northern Minnesota man charged after threatening to kill judge in court

A northern Minnesota man was charged this past week after allegedly threatening to kill a judge while in court, according to court documents.

In May, 36-year-old Steven Hayes appeared in front of the judge while representing himself in a jury trial for a violation of a protection order in Carlton County, just west of Duluth. The judge started going over procedural questions when Hayes began yelling in court, according to the complaint. 

"Look here, b---h. I didn’t make no f---ing threats to you," he told the judge according to the complaint.

Hayes then allegedly threatened to kill the judge after she told Hayes the court would go on without him following his outburst, according to the complaint.

"I get out of this motherf----r, I’m going to murder you, b---h…. That’s your mother f---ing life, b---h," Hayes responded according to court documents. 

Carlton County Sheriff's Office deputies removed Hayes from the courtroom. While heading back to jail, Hayes punched the elevator and said he was "going to cut that f---ing b----'s head off." He added that he would find her, and she is "going to die," the complaints read. 

Hayes was charged with one count of making terroristic threats and one count of contempt of court. He is scheduled to make a court appearance in July. His other case is still pending.