Car wash held to support Bloomington Jefferson teen injured during football game

Friends, family, and community members - came together Sunday with one thing on their mind, Ethan Glynn, the freshman football player at Bloomington Jefferson was paralyzed during the first game of the season. 

Organizers held a car wash to help raise money for Ethan’s family.

Throughout the day many turned out, not only for car washes, but to buy yard signs and bracelets as well, the community really doing all it can to support Ethan’s family during this tough time.

"They have a long road ahead of them, so whatever we can do as a community we’re going to do," event organizer Angela Peterson said. 

The event took place outside of Bloomington Jefferson High School where hundreds of cars lined up for eight dollar car washes, in honor of the #8 Ethan wore on the football field.

"We got the hockey team, baseball, we got the football team all here helping out," Angela Peterson said.  

Earlier this month, the 15-year-old was left paralyzed from the shoulders down, after a bizarre injury during the season opening game for his freshman football team. Those who witnessed it calling it a freak accident.

"I saw him going to make a play, and it just happened wrong it happens in sports an injury it happened to the wrong kid," Tyler McGovern said. 

Ethan is now off of a ventilator and is just beginning the long road to recovery from serious neck and spinal cord injuries 

Peterson says the plan is to have a car wash every year for the next four year to benefit Ethan’s family.

"It’s going all to the Glynns -- help with medical bills, house remodel, vehicles," Peterson said. "They need a lot you know they’re worried about Ethan and their family and making sure that they’re ok." 

Also in the works are other community events, including maybe something as soon as next month, possibly a breakfast fundraiser.