Car that won't stop nearly runs down young girl getting off school bus

Josephine Kirk-Taylor was waiting for her daughter's bus to arrive after her very first day of school. It pulled up on the opposite side of the street. 

As her little girl comes around the side of the bus to cross the street, a small blue Toyota comes honking down the road, almost running her over as Josephine screams from the sidewalk for it to stop. 

“All the cars behind her, they stopped, but this blue Toyota zoomed by and just kept going,” Kirk-Taylor said.


Unfortunately, police were unable to pursue the matter further, but if ticketed, drivers who don't stop for the school bus can face a hefty fine. 

“Even if they get like a small traffic ticket, something, because I feel like some consequence needs to be taken. Some action needs to be taken,” Kirk-Taylor said. 

Despite laws and fines to prevent this, parents should teach their children to look both ways if crossing the street in front of a stopped school bus. 

Below is Josephine's full Facebook post, where she implores other parents to be aware of the risks and protect the children. 

‼️‼️ So today was my daughters first day riding the school bus. As we waited for the bus to arrive to pick her up this morning on the sidewalk near our home, when the bus finally pulled up she got on and took off for school. But when she came home today as I was waiting with her siblings at the same spot she was picked up from, I had no idea that she would be dropped off on the opposite side of the street. Since it was her first day and all I wanted to record this special moment. Before letting her off the school bus the bus driver put up her stop signs and let my daughter off the bus. There was a careless driver speeding and also breaking the law not stopping at the school bus stop sign so that my daughter could cross the street. As my daughter was about to cross the street this blue Toyota almost ran her over. Unfortunately when I called the police they said that they were unable to do anything, I didn’t care if they had just giving him a speeding ticket I felt like something needed to be done. This careless driver did not even stop after seeing my child and myself scared for my child’s life. I was able to get the license plate number of this driver but like I said unfortunately the police cannot do anything. All I ask is that this video can be shared so that more of our community/ Houston community can protect our children at all times. I asked that we please follow the law especially when it comes to children at all times. I give Thanks to God Elohim for Protecting my Children at all times! Please people let’s be aware and Protect our Children.

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