Canadian army reservist with alleged neo-Nazi ties missing near Minnesota border

The Manitoba Royal Canadian Mounted Police are searching for a missing Manitoba Army Reservist with alleged ties to a neo-Nazi group whose vehicle was abandoned near the Minnesota border.

The Canadian Royal Mounted Police is searching for missing army reservist Patrik Mathews (Canadian Royal Mounted Police)

According to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, 26-year-old Patrik Mathews was last seen on August 24.

Authorities located Matthews’ vehicle on Monday near the town of Sprague, Manitoba, but Mathews has not been located.

A Canadian news agency, Global News, reports that Mathews was relieved of his military duties because of his alleged ties to a neo-Nazi group.

The Roseau County Sheriff's Office in Minnesota says if residents see Mathews, they should not approach him, and to call them at 218-463-1421 or U.S. Border Patrol at 701-775-6259.