Burnsville firefighters give teen in serious crash new bike, helmet

A bike accident in Burnsville, Minn. on Tuesday could have caused major injuries, but because 13-year-old Davin Blix was wearing a helmet it was nothing more than cuts, bruises, a battered bike, and a nice surprise.

Davin was on his way to honors math when he was coming down a hill, hit a stick, lost control and met up with a car at an intersection. The Burnsville firefighters who responded noticed his busted up helmet which they knew made a huge difference, and decided they wanted to get him a new one as a reward for wearing it.

“As soon as we started talking a lot more, one of the other guys who happened to be at the call said ‘you know the bike took a pretty good shot from the car, maybe we ought to buy a new bike for him,” Dave Linderholm, Burnsville Fire Department, said.

So when Davin went to pick up the new helmet, the fire department surprised him with a new bike too.

“The fact they showed me his helmet was cracked after the accident, things could have been bad, things could have been a lot worse,” Davin’s mom Staci said.

The two unions that Burnsville firefighters and captains belong to split the bill -- they said they didn't want any attention for it but agreed they wanted the important message of wearing a helmet out there.