Both amputees, girl and kitten form special bond

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Colleen Tronnes is your typical 8-year-old, especially excited this holiday season for a new addition to her family: a kitten from New Day Pet Rescue. 

Pets, certainly, have a natural therapeutic value--but this animal has a little something extra, by virtue of what it's missing. 

Tronnes was born with one leg smaller than the other, and had an amputation just over a year ago to stem the pain she felt from the condition. 

So when Shriner's Hospital got a call from New Day saying they had a three-legged kitten available for adoption to a child who could empathize, they knew just who to call. 

"It’s nice to know that this family knows what the cat’s going through," Abby Meyer of Shriner's Hospital said. "They know that just because you’re missing a limb doesn’t mean that’s a limitation."

The family says they've named the cat "Miracle," but insist that it's only temporary--they've got a long list to debate.