Beware fake Boys and Girls Clubs solicitors in the Twin Cities

Fake solicitors have reportedly been walking around with clipboards in the Twin Cities pretending to be affiliated with the Boys & Girls Clubs and allegedly taking money from innocent donors.

The Boys & Girls Clubs of the Twin Cities said the fake solicitors have been seen walking around with clipboards claiming to be associated with the group in the skyway system, Kowalski's, the University of Minnesota and other locations in St. Paul, Minneapolis and in suburbs south of the metro.

They have also been using the group’s logo to create fake badges and flyers.

The group said the public should be aware of the following information:

-Boys & Girls Clubs of the Twin Cities NEVER sends out kids to fundraise on our behalf or on the behalf of any particular Club.
-All badges or other identifying information they may have are fake.
-Persons coming into contact with these youth should report them to the police.
-If you are unsure of a solicitation's legitimacy, contact us at 651-726-2582.

"Our goal in sharing this information is to make sure the community is not misled." said Boys & Girls Clubs of the Twin Cities President and CEO Erin Carlin. "We do not know where the money raised by these youth is going, but it is not going to our organization."