Bethany Mota's journey from bullied kid to YouTube celebrity

October is National Bullying Prevention Month, and there's a big YouTube star in town to talk about that. Bethany Mota was bullied herself, and that experience, in a lot of ways, led to her YouTube success.

"I started making videos about makeup which is funny because I knew nothing about makeup,” Mota said. “I took the 5 products I owned and then I moved to hair tutorials and then fashion.”

Her YouTube channel now has a whopping 9.5 million subscribers who follow her fashion, decorating and life advice. She even earned a clothing line with Aeropostale.

“Honestly I didn't think that many people were going to watch and didn't think it was going to become as big as it has, because I didn't think that was possible."

And it all began as an outlet after some kids bullied her online.

“I was about 12 when I was cyber-bullied,” Mota said. “These kids started a sort of MySpace page -- all of it was kind of talking negatively about my appearance, and being 12 you are very vulnerable and take things to heart.”

That's why she's here in Minneapolis, and why she travels to other schools and cities to use her celebrity to prevent bullying.

"I kind of like to share that story with people in a bad place and turn it into something that will change your life."

And given the size of her audience, she can and will make an impression.