Barron community holds on to hope as Jayme Closs remains missing

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As the sun set on the Barron High School football field, community members gathered for an evening of hope as the search for 13-year-old Jayme Closs continues.

It has been a week since Jayme Closs went missing after police found her parents shot death in their Barron, Wis. home.

Monday, investigators announced some major developments. There are two vehicles of interest, which surveillance cameras caught on video near the Closs home around the time of the shooting. One vehicle is being described as an orange or red 2008 to 2014 Dodge Challenger. The other is a black SUV, which authorities say it could be one of two models - either a 2006 to 2010 Ford Edge or an Acura MDX from 2004 to 2010.

Fox 9 asked next door neighbor, Joan Smrekar, who heard the two gunshots go off last week, if the two car descriptions looked familiar.

“This one I’ve seen something like it, but I’ve never seen it out here I’ve think I’ve seen it in town.”

Smrekar also says it is a 24/7 operation over at the Closs family home. She says investigators have not stopped taking stuff out for evidence. Even her home was searched.

“FBI was here twice, a couple of days apart—the first time they were here they asked questions—and then they went through the entire house,” said Sremkar. “Tom went downstairs with them—and they went through everything—looking through every closet to check even looking down underneath in the closet.”

Throughout the day, authorities have been flying this chopper extremely low above the Closs home on Highway 8 in Barron and the surrounding areas. The chopper is looking for Jayme, clues and also mapping grids to help with upcoming ground searches.

Authorities believe Jayme was in her family’s home when someone kicked down the door, shot and killed her parents and then fled early last Monday morning.