Barber creates college scholarships for north Minneapolis community

A north Minneapolis barber is offering more than just haircuts.

Teto Wilson has been a barber on the north side of Minneapolis for more than a decade. For him, the barbershop is a resource hub. His services include haircuts, a fresh shave and now, college scholarships.

“I thought about the challenges that scholars from this area may find in trying to get scholarships, so I decided if I could provide some scholarship money right here a local business in north Minneapolis that would be good,” said Wilson.

Wilson, who has a daughter of his own at Mankato State University, is funding two $1,000 scholarships for African-American students in the community entering college this fall.

“It’s a dichotomy,” said Wilson. “I feel like there’s a lot of good that happens here in north Minneapolis and I feel like there’s obviously some issues that we have in north Minneapolis.”

As part of the application process, Wilson is asking students to submit an essay explaining how they plan to use their degree to tackle a number of issues facing the north side, such as the growing achievement gap and affordable housing.

“We want them to demonstrate that they have a grasp of understanding that these things exist and what could you possibly do to change these issues - that’s what the essay question is about,” said Wilson.

Since announcing his new annual scholarship, he’s been getting some buzz on social media.

He makes a living cutting and clipping, but now Wilson's focus is on growth.  

“We’re hoping that it grows every year, so we’re starting off this year with a $1,000 and I pray that over the years it just grows and grows and grows, and hopefully be able to send two kids to college totally paid for, that would be great,” said Wilson.

Wilson is receiving email submissions at The deadline to apply is Aug. 6.