Baby kudu born at Como Zoo

Como Zoo welcomed a baby lesser kudu calf on June 30.  (Susannah Baudhuin, Como Friends / FOX 9)

A "fiercely cute" baby kudu was born at the Como Zoo last month. 

The St. Paul, Minnesota zoo announced Tuesday a yet unnamed female lesser kudu calf was born overnight on June 30. The calf was born to 5-year-old Fjorda and sired by 7-year-old Bond. She is Fjorda’s fourth offspring.

Como Zoo baby kudu and mom

Fjorda, a 5-year-old lesser kudu, gave birth to her third calf overnight on June 30.  (Susannah Baudhuin, Como Friends / FOX 9)

Zookeepers said the calf was standing and nursing when they arrived in the morning. They said Fjorda is taking good care of her baby and is "already a great mom." 

Lesser kudus are one of the eight species of African spiral-horned antelope. In the wild, they live in dry, densely thicketed scrub and woodlands of east Africa including parts of Ethiopia, Somalia, Kenya, Sudan, Uganda and Tanzania, according to a news release. 

The calf is currently off exhibit while she bonds with her mother. She is expected to make her public debut in a few weeks. The Como Zoo’s lesser kudus can be viewed at the African Hoofed Stock building.