Baby foxes found in house attic

At first, a Valley family who heard a strange sound coming from the attic for the past week or so thought they had roof rats.

Little did the family know, however, that the creatures they thought were roof rats, were actually two newborn foxes. The two newborn foxes were found snuggling each other for warmth, and the mother is nowhere to be found.

Currently, the cubs are being taken care of, and a search is on for the mother.

For Jason Nolan, owner of Critter Tech AZ, he said he has never seen fox pups in someone's home.

"We were out here, heard the noise and just decided to cut the wall and go after it, see what it was," said Nolan.

The foxes were found, after crews opened up a hole in the ceiling.

"Thought it was going to be a cat," said Nolan.

A trap has been set up in the neighborhood, in an effort to try and catch the mother fox. The newborns, meanwhile, appears to be in good health, and they will be relocated to a sanctuary to be taken care of.