As early voting grows in popularity, candidates plan accordingly

Minnesota's primary elections aren't until August, but early voting starts Friday.

In an increasingly online and on-demand world, it's not just a more convenient way for voters to participate in the democratic process--it's also becoming a key strategy for candidates both here in Minnesota and across the country.

The percentage of absentee ballots grows every year, and is especially important for candidates in a summer primary like this year's to ensure people cast their vote before going on vacation or simply checking out.

“This is a way for political parties and campaigns and interest groups and others to say, 'Look, if you’re a supporter of candidate X, let’s lock in that support now,'" said Steve Simon, the Minnesota Secretary of State. "'You don’t have to around in Minnesota or in August, cast that vote in mid-August without actually having to be there.'”  

For more information about early voting visit the Secretary of State website here.