As COVID-19 payments start to come through, some frustrated with process

While many Minnesotans are getting their stimulus money without any issues, others are seeing delayed payments and that is causing a lot of confusion.

"I was going to use it to move my stuff from Illinois," explained Katya Kolesnikova. "Consolidate it."

Kolesnikova had planned to spend her stimulus money on bills and food. But the $2,400 went to a closed account at her old bank in Illinois, leaving her wondering when she and her husband are going to get their money.

"I don't want to wait for a check for five months," she said. "I need it now."

Kolesnikova isn't the only one having problems receiving their economic impact payment. Millions who filed their taxes through H and R Block and other services weren't able to get their payments because the IRS did not have their direct deposit information on file.

At least one big bank was garnishing customers’ stimulus deposits to pay off debts on their accounts, which it is legally allowed to do. The bank has since changed its policy.

The IRS says people can track their stimulus checks through the agency's "Get My Payment" portal and enter their direct deposit information.

But some who have used it say they have gotten a message saying "payment status not available" or have gotten locked out if they tried to use the portal more than once a day.

Kolesnikova's bank told her it returned her payment to the IRS and it could take two to three business days for it to reach the right account. But she feels for everyone else in the same situation.

"Emotionally, it's just been a lot of strain," she said. "Frustration, aggravation, any other words I can think of."

The IRS says if their portal shows your payment has been processed but you haven't received it, contact your bank directly.

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