Another nearly top 10 snow season for Twin Cities

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Is April 2019 giving you a little taste of déjà vu? Well, that makes sense considering we had the first blizzard in years roll through the Twin Cities last April and now another storm in a spring month gives the metro widespread amounts of 7-11 inches of snow with well over a foot across parts of western Minnesota. 

This storm has officially added nearly 9 inches of snow to our season total at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport and now we are up to the 11th snowiest season on record, barely 2 inches shy of what we received just last year. This means that five of the top 18 snowiest seasons have hit the metro since 2000, clearly a sign that we are in a fairly snowy pattern, although year to year variability can be drastic.

The big difference between this year and last of course is just how much we got during the latter part of the season, specifically February. Last year, our snows were more evenly spread out, with the exception of our snowiest April on record.

The metro is not alone in having a very snowy year. Eau Claire, Wisconsin has just experienced their snowiest winter on record, now just shy of 100 inches of snow. St Cloud is currently in 8th place for snowiest seasons with just shy of 70 inches.

Meanwhile, Duluth has not even seen that much snow--roughly 90 inches of snow puts them in 30th place. But, Duluth’s snow season lasts longer than most with snow accumulation typical all the way into the middle of May.

I am sure most of us are ready to be done with the flakes by now, but take it all in stride because it will not be long before we are all complaining that it is too hot.