Another Eagan outlet mall shopper stopped, released by police

Four African American shoppers claimed they were racially profiled at the Eagan outlet mall, and another woman has come forward to say she was treated the same way. Brielynn Jefferson says she was targeted, harassed and then cleared of any wrongdoing.

Jefferson said she was shopping at the Eagan outlet mall on Feb. 27, and had just bought a pair of shoes for her infant child when mall security and police confronted her. According to the Eagan police report, she was stopped on suspicion of theft but was eventually cleared of any charges. But for Jefferson it was a humiliating and unforgivable experience.

"I'm stopped in front of all these people, they're driving by looking at me like I did something," Jefferson said. "I'm being embarrassed."

University of St. Thomas law professor Nekima Levy Pounds says racial profiling is a growing concern in the Twin Cities.

"We are often told that the powers that be are working on the problem," Prof' Levy Pounds said. "Well they need to act with a greater sense of urgency."

As for Jefferson, despite being cleared of any criminal wrongdoing, she is still prohibited from shopping at the Eagan outlet mall..

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