Anne Heche's cause of death revealed

Actress Anne Heche died from smoke inhalation and "thermal injuries" according to a new report from the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner's office released Wednesday.

Heche crashed her 2020 Mini Cooper into a Mar Vista home back on Aug. 5. The impact set the building on fire. Firefighters knocked down the flames within an hour and eventually pulled the car out of the home. 

Witnesses said a neighbor ran to the home and got the homeowner and her pets out of the house safely. He attempted to get Heche out of the small vehicle but was unable to amid the heavy smoke. Heche was rescued by firefighters and was taken to a hospital in critical condition.  


Ring camera footage shows a blue Mini Copper speeding down a residential street prior to the accident.

Heche was declared brain dead back on Aug. 11, but was kept on life support for several days while doctors searched for potential organ recipients, as Heche was an organ donor. She was removed from life support on Sunday, Aug. 14. She was 53 years old.

Prior to being declared brain-dead, the Los Angeles Police Department was investigating Heche for potential DUI. A blood test from the day of the crash showed the "presence of drugs," according to LAPD. However, when Heche was declared brain dead, the department closed its investigation. 

In addition to the inhalation and burns, the Medical Examiner's report said that Heche had suffered a fractured sternum from blunt force trauma, presumably from the crash, but that was not listed as a factor in her death.