Animal Humane Society hopes to find homes for more pocket pets

The Animal Humane Society is asking people to adopt more "pocket pets" - rabbits, guinea pigs, gerbils and hamsters - as the critters are in need of homes.

"Animal Humane Society has seen cats and dogs flying out the door with wonderful, loving adopters. But sadly, one group of AHS’s homeless population isn’t getting any attention: pocket pets," AHS wrote. "These little animals are awesome for teaching responsibility to young children and they can often be easier to handle than a cat or dog."

AHS described each of the types of pets:

Gerbils are very gentle, and rarely bite or nip. They are very active during the day and love to play. Gerbils do need to be handled very gently, so they may not be the best choice for extremely young children. It’s ideal to get your gerbil a friend, as these little guys can get lonely without roommates.

Guinea pigs are tame and friendly, and make wonderful first pets for young children. Piggies rarely bite, and enjoy being played with and petted. They love vegetables and other treats, but do need attention and play time.

Hamsters are cute and playful. They are somewhat nocturnal, and tend to want to play at night. They’re quite friendly and sociable, and like to be held and petted. Hamsters tend to have very soft and silky fur.

AHS also has lots of rabbits of various sizes, including some that need to be adopted in pairs.

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