Andrew Tekle Sundberg shot by MPD snipers, search warrant says

In the day following the death of Andrew Tekle Sundberg after an hours-long standoff at an apartment building in the Seward neighborhood of Minneapolis, a newly released search warrant says snipers from the Minneapolis Police Department fired the fatal rounds that killed Sundberg. 

According to the search warrant tied to the aftermath investigation, after MPD officers responded to Sundberg's apartment building from a call about shots fired, they evacuated tenants that surrounded Sundberg's apartment – identified as unit 318. 

At that point, according to the warrant, "officers started taking fire," and, "In addition to hearing the gunshot, bullets were actually going through adjacent apartment walls."

The Minneapolis SWAT Team was called to the scene, using PA system in attempt to make contact with the subject as two snipers set up observation from the roof of apartment building, and at some point during the standoff, the two snipers – later identified as Aaron Pearson and Zachary Seraphine – fatally shot Sundberg.

BCA Agents initial scene observations noted multiple bullet cartridges – both live rounds and spent – in the hallway outside of the subject’s apartment, in addition to multiple apparent bullet holes in the walls – indicating they were fired out from inside the apartment, according to the warrant.

Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension Senior Special Agent Paul Gherardi signed off on the request. 

A search warrant is a standard to any investigation into an officer-involved shooting, and a judge has to sign off before police can gather evidence from the scene.