An expansion is coming to Minneapolis with a Seward Co-Op's store

The corner of 38th Street and 3rd Avenue in South Minneapolis will turn into a Seward Co-Op’s Friendship Store in October. 

Co-Op’s are member-owned and member-governed businesses that operate for the benefit of their members and the community. In the beginning the co-op’s had a small selection of bulk goods, but now it is a thriving business. Members pay a $75 flat fee for the year to belong. 
 People in the community are excited for the new store, but they have some concerns. The store prices are a concern for many community members. 

“it’s still pricey for me as a person with a master’s degree. I want them to start talking about those things.” Executive Director of Central Area Neighborhood Development Henry Jimenez said. 

Community members are also worried that only a few of the 100 jobs that the new Co-Op’s Store will create will go to people in the local area. But Seward Co-Op’s spokeswoman says hiring concerns have more to do with red tape than redlining.

“It might be illegal to say ‘we can only hire these people from this neighborhood. So we have to also be held to some federal guidelines around hiring. So we have to be very, very careful.” Seward Community Outreach Manager LaDonna Sanders-Redmond said. 

Co-Op representatives say that they are intentionally recruiting in the area. They are currently planning a career fair here in the cities on August 15th.