An 'adulting' calendar exists for millennials who can't even

Does anyone still use calendars to facilitate responsibilities? Nowadays, millennials mostly use phone apps to remind them how to “adult.” 

After all, life can be difficult. With bills to pay, laundry to wash, and elderly relatives to call, for some, doing grown-up things can be overwhelming. 

Enter "I Adulted!" It's a 16-month calendar-slash-sticker book, available for $15.99 on Amazon, and it’s a tangible manifestation of that elusive sense of accomplishment that actual adult human beings seem to possess. 

The goal-oriented success calendar comes with 100 colorful removable stickers, with uplifting phrases such as, “I cooked for myself,” or “I put money in the bank!”



Robb Pearlman, the author of the calendar, said on his website, “Despite official reports, members of Generation X and younger feel completely and totally ill-prepared to deal with anything.“

The calendar is based on the book “I Adulted: Stickers for Grown-Ups,” by Pearlman, and the page on Amazon says the author wants you to finally be able to claim life’s little victories.

“This fun, funny, and practical calendar is perfect for any of the millions of purportedly self-sufficient adults who feel completely ill prepared to deal. With anything.”